This one is a toughie!

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Ok, my mind is drawing a gigantic BLANK trying to figure out what to write in response to today’s Daily Prompt entitled “_____ is the new _____“.

For starters, I don’t have a whole lotta posts to choose from, so the pickin’s are slim.  I did manage to find the 4th and 14th words from my Cruisin’ Topless post that aren’t the usual suspects “the”, “an”, “for”, “and”, “are”, etc etc… the words I ended up with are Daily and Instantly.  So now I have to think about how to go about writing something about how Daily is the new Instantly!

Oh, lucky me…

I decided to let my fingers do the walking through Google search to help me in my writing quest, but that didn’t help much… unless I wanted to write about how I can instantly win prizes on a daily basis.

… there might be something there…?


So then I started thinking literally, about how Daily could be the new Instantly.  In this day and age of instant gratification, can our current society manage daily as opposed to instantly?

Nahhhhh…. can’t be done, at least not with the Millenials.  Maybe those who are closer to my ripe old age can revert to the good ol’ days of telephone landlines and answering machines instead of cellphones and text messages; to getting in the car and going shopping instead of getting online and going shopping.  It would be difficult, I’ll admit ~ I’ve grown rather fond of my desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone, but when push comes to shove, going back to the glory days wouldn’t be as hard for us older folk, mainly because we have already lived those days.  I still have cable, for crying out loud! Certainly I can function the old fashioned way!

Umm…….. nahhhhh.

8 thoughts on “This one is a toughie!

    1. Instant gratification and multi-tasking pretty much go hand in hand ~ give me the slower process so I don’t have to do so much any day! 😀

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