Monday Music Medicine Show: Songs That Get Stuck in Your Head ~ CSN&Y

On today’s edition of Fim’s Monday Music Medicine Show, we are all asked to share what song gets so stuck in our heads that we have to play it over and over and over and over again ~ well, maybe not THAT many “over”‘s, but after you hear that one song, you probably wanna play it again because you love it so much!

The song that does it for me is from my #1 favorite group, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. The harmonies that these 4 gifted gentleman brought to their fans are like none other I have ever heard before or since… and as a singer myself that’s performed on stage with a local group for a few months back in my heyday, harmonies are what I love most about singing with a group ~ whether it be a local rock-n-roll band, high school choir, or church group. Doesn’t matter – music is music, and it’s been deep in my soul since birth.

So, sit back and enjoy the harmonies of “Helplessly Hoping” by CSN&Y!

2 thoughts on “Monday Music Medicine Show: Songs That Get Stuck in Your Head ~ CSN&Y

  1. I love these reminders of the many songs which have so often played on repeat. Right now, I close my eyes, and listen, feeling as if I am a leaf floating upon a gently flowing stream, helplessly hoping it never ends. I’m so happy that you have found a comfy spot at the Monday Music Medicine Show! 🙂 Thank you for pinging back!

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